Traveling with children has a completely different charm than traveling alone. Sure, I won’t lie to you. You simply have to forget certain things. But if you are as adventurous nature as I am, you have no choice but to travel with children. I am terrified by the idea that I should travel somewhere with a group of families, somewhere to the sea under parasols. God forbid, to the resort, where there are a lot of tourists in one place and there are animation programs. I couldn’t do that. Maybe I may seem spoiled and naughty. But long before my daughter was born, I chose the way I wanted to travel. And I decided to teach my daughter.


If you have been traveling with a child since childhood, you teach him/her to value things and also modesty. I don’t remember my daughter making a scene somewhere in the department store that she wanted something. She is not spoiled because she knows there are much more important things in the world. She saw that there were a lot of children in the world who didn’t have so many toys and weren’t lucky enough to travel. Yes, it is true that traveling is not exactly the cheapest affair. And if you travel with children, traveling will become more expensive. After all, you only pay for another person. But it’s all about priorities. If you like to travel, you don’t have to give up this passion, even if you have children. It is better to plan, save and be more modest elsewhere. You don’t even know how glad I am that she inherited this passion of mine from me. The daughter traveled halfway around the world with us.

In order for you to be able to travel in this way, and for such a holiday to be peaceful and relaxing for you, you need to follow a few principles.


Unfortunately, you are not traveling alone now and you are also responsible for your child. So I advise you to plan more than you are used to. Believe me, it will pay off for you and then nothing will decide you. It is good to have extra supplies (food, money) with you. It’s also a good idea to find out if you can buy things in that country. You know, every pound counts. Fortunately, we have an internet full of useful information, so it’s worth searching. Every age of a child is different, so it is clear that you will always have to focus on something different. One time it will be sunar and the second time it will be popular diapers.


I know from my experiences that traveling by plane can be quite fun. I have found that when you travel alone with children, for example, it has several undeniable advantages. So you certainly don’t have to worry about which book or magazine you will take with you on the plane. You will definitely not read! You don’t care where you sit, because they will definitely sit you down so that there are more of those children around you and you all really enjoyed it. Finally, take a look at the life jacket, because your child has just unwrapped it. But what you never, but never take on a plane, are wax crayons !!!

I flew to London like this and my grandmother got a great idea and packed these great crayons for us at the last minute so that my little girl wouldn’t get bored. Personally, I don’t like coloring books much and collecting crayons and felt-tip pens on the ground after the fiftieth is not my idea of ​​a relaxing flight. Well, I don’t think anyone was bored. All the hair on my head and the hair all over my body rose in horror when I found out that “my angel” was painting the entire dining table and window, so it was impossible to tell if it was dark or light outside. What was probably the worst didn’t go down at all.

There is definitely a lesson to be learned from this:


You can also entertain the child for a while by watching fairy tales. It is definitely worth investing and buying children headphones that will be for them. From my own experiences, I know that even if you get headphones on a plane, your child will probably not fall and you will decide all the way how to do it so that they do not fall for a while. The child will then be annoying because he/she will not be able to listen to the fairy tale. So if you have your own, you are very sure that your child will have fun for a while and you can take the book on the plane. 🙂


Do you think that you will take the child in a scarf? Well, I’m telling you, consider it again. When the daughter was two years old, she visited Bali and Thailand with her. I didn’t want to take a carriage on such a big trip then. I decided to take it in a scarf. But I didn’t realize that it wasn’t such a run around the apartment, and moreover, it never occurred to me that it would be terribly hot in that scarf. I’m used to walking, but then it was as if I was wearing a backpack all the time and still wrapping myself in cellophane. Her husband used to wear it in a scarf, but she didn’t want to wear it in a scarf anymore. I don’t know if it was the environment, but she only wanted to wear it with me. In the end, I decided it was time to stop playing the heroine and we bought the cheapest golfer. We put her in the carriage in the shop and took her to the hotel during the big circus. I had never seen so many regretful looks, but I didn’t really care then. However, she got used to it and I was very relieved.


It’s time to play lazy parents! Take your time now and involve the children in the preparations. I plan my trips myself and I enjoy involving my daughter. Searching on maps can be quite fun. When you arrive at the airport, the children are assigned. Let them help you find your flight number and if they can’t read, let them help you look for pictograms – ie where are the toilets, arrows leading to your flight, etc. If you don’t, make an exception and give the children pocket money. Set the rules and with the money you can buy what they want. They will learn to manage their money better and, among other things, mathematics. Learn with your children a few sentences in the foreign language of the country you are going to. It will break the language barrier in children and make languages easier to learn. And most importantly (!!!) they will not be afraid to talk.

To attract children even more to your journey, read fairy tales from the country. I always try to find a fairy tale book or story that is related to the country we are traveling to. When I was little, I loved ancient Greek myths and legends. However, such rumors are not only told in Greece, but many interesting stories also come from China, Vietnam and Australia.


“Why is the sky blue? How do you say hello malay? Why do incense sticks still burn everywhere? Will there be dolphins? What is meditation? ”The world is a wonderful encyclopedia of learning. Traveling encourages children to be curious, to enjoy learning, to love themselves, to be tolerant of other people, to learn about the differences between cultures and nature.

I once heard from someone if I was afraid to travel with children. At first, maybe yes, but I decided not to let fear limit me and stand in my way. I think the world is a wonderful place to live. I think it would be a shame not to explore it. I even think that everyone has the right to experience and feel this beauty.

Everywhere we travel, we meet new friends. Some for a few minutes, some for life, some for something in between. If we’re talking to someone, we don’t have time to just talk. But on the contrary, we talk about what we love, what we fear or what our passion is. And finally we find out that we are all the same, with the same fears, afflictions, loves and joys. And children perceive it all the more intensely.

I know a lot of people who don’t want to travel much. How many of you have had a travel fever? This makes travel even more difficult when children get mixed up with these unpleasant feelings. Fortunately, I love traveling. Flying is relaxing for me, I like chaos at the airport, noisy stations, packing suitcases, those butterflies in my belly. I really like boats, ocean, sea, islands. My great love is to always discover new places. This unquenchable curiosity is ubiquitous, and I’m glad my daughter inherited it from me.

And what about you? Do you also like to travel with children?

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