What kind of coffee do you like? My favorite coffee´s drinks are cappuccino and coffee latte. I have read that people who like cappuccino are obsessive, creative, honest and motivated. They make excellent friends but gets bored with unimaginative people. People who drink coffee latte tend to be neurotic, like to please people and are often indecisive. Well, I guess it could be true. So I am a creative neurotic.


Sydney is an amazing cultural city and you can find the representatives of most nations of the world here. All these natives, no matter of the skin color, the difference of religion, or the sexual orientation, have one thing in common. They love coffee. Every morning I passed crowds, which were characterized by holding phones in one hand and cup of coffee a second.  On every corner, you can find “take away” coffee shops. Australians drink quality coffee. They recognize if something is wrong with their coffee. They never hesitate to return it if is something wrong with it. What is the most common drink in Australia? Australians drink three basic coffees, especially coffee with milk – cappuccino, latte and flat white. I have found the last one there.

Before I went to Australia, I had no idea what I could do for my work there. I was convinced that I could find nothing else than scrape potatoes or wash the dishes in the kitchen. By the way, it is a very common job for a lot of students. They attend school during the day and work during the evening. I almost did the same. The first month I could not find anything. I was desperate. One thing was that I did not look properly. I spend almost all day at school. I did not want to go somewhere in the evening and get up early in the morning. Every day when I walked around the coffee shops, I thought it would be great to make money there.


The main problem is that cafes are mostly open early in the morning, from 6 o’clock in the morning to 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Unfortunately, my study schedule did not allowed this work. I love coffee and becoming a barista was a good choice. If you are a barista, you can find a job in Australia easily. This work direction was possible after changing my school. If you think that you can write 10 years of practice in your CV and you will win, you are definitely wrong. You will be tested and everybody will know it right away. Your beautiful face will not help you. Nobody have time to teach you how to make coffee because cafes are very busy in the morning. Australians do not make coffee at home. They visit cafes. There are huge queues in cafes. Everyone wants a dose of his caffeine. A lot of people are used to taking coffee to the beach so they want their milk to have a higher temperature.


Fortunately, the Sydney coffee economy has gone so far that you can find a lot of barista courses where you can learn to make coffee. These courses are one day fast-track courses. After graduation, you get a certificate and you can go looking for a café where you will work. I graduated from the Coffee School. There were so many young people in the class. First, we had to fill a lot of papers. Well, the bureaucracy is all around the world, even in Australia. Everyone wants to be a friend in Australia. It’s not always honest friendship, but you can work easily.

They paired us in twosomes. I learned together with Samuel, Brazilian guy. I always thought that you cannot find a muff big as me in the world. But yes, you can. He was born in Brazil. During 5 minutes, when we started to get to know the coffee machine, he let go the steam from the nozzle on me.  Samuel almost scared me. He did this three times. I thought for a second that I would do him back. About three times he dropped a jug of milk on the ground. We had to clean the floor again and again. I prayed that I would not work in the same coffee shop as Samuel. If we will work together, they would have to close the café.

This is my first coffee.

One of the most important parts of making good coffee is whipping milk by steam. To get good milk is art and science in one. I have to say that I can make it properly after a very long time. I did not learn in the course. I saw it in the cafes where I worked. Every barista has taught me differently. So I had to find my style. The basic is a good quality milk. It can be soy or almond milk too, but it’s much harder. It is important for the milk has the correct temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Celsius. The thermometer is not used at all. You can recognize the correct temperature of the milk by putting your palms of hand on the side of the mug. Well, and you leave it until you start burning. You cannot keep your hand for any longer. Well, it’s a bit drastic, but I find it practical because there is no time to play in the cafe.  The basic is not to let the bubbles get into the milk or you cannot create a picture – latte art.

Cafe latte = 190 calories =The equivalent of one slice of pizza.


It is my personal challenge. I have to say it took a long time before my heart takes the shape. It was more of an onion at the beginning.  If your milk has a low temperature, it is very common that the customer will return your coffee back. They also taught us how to make a cappuccino. You can decorate your coffee with cocoa. That’s how they decorate almost all the cappuccino in Australia. I did not see much in Bohemia.

I learned how to make a babyccino from the milk too. By the way, this is a great thing for kids. Just make sure the milk is cold. It looks totally bombastic when you decorate it with marshmallow. In this way, you make all kids happy. Children just love it in Australia. Frequent visitors in cafes are mothers with children. They spend long hours there.

Coffee has 0 calories. Unless you drown it in cream and sugar, of course.

Every barista, however, knows that the most important part of the right coffee is of course, quality espresso. I’m not going to give you a description how to make the right shot. But let me tell you how you can know immediately that your espresso is right. And how is it? Espresso has “crema”, which is a thin layer of foam at the top. It must be creamy, has more flavor and less bitterness because it is brewed quickly while under high amounts of pressure. If the cream starts to disappear right after extraction, your coffee will be very weak. It means that taste of your drink will not be really good.

I have to say that since the course I started to have quite a problem with drinking low-quality coffee. I do not know if it’s an advantage or a disadvantage now. Unfortunately, I know when coffee is bad. When I started to work as a barista, it was a bit of my curse. Previously, I did not have a problem drinking any coffee drink or instant drink. Now I drink only good taste coffees.


The coffee is always fresh in cafes. They roast it in many cafes. The coffee beans gleam because there is oil in them when they are freshly roasted. I personally love the smell of freshly roasted coffee. Coffees lose their fresh with dumping. It means that if you do not have a grinder or a coffee maker at home, you will never get fresh coffee. It would be foolish to think you will attend a course and you can make coffee. Everything is a practice, a lot of bad coffees and liters of spilled milk.

I am excited about the whole coffee culture now. I started to educate myself in this way. I’ve been thinking about my own cafe for a while. Now I know the secrets of cultivation, collection, and roasting. I learned about cupping – tasting coffee. Now if I have an opportunity, I am very happy to visit it. I can choose a great coffee. Don´t forget that during cupping, you don´t drink coffees but spit it.

I was lucky that in the oldest part of Sydney in Rocks was the Rocks Aroma Festival. Visitors walk from one stand to another and taste coffees. This festival is not only a coffee festival but also a chocolate festival. You can taste a lot of coffee with different flavors. I really like Mexican coffee with a little chocolate and chili on the top.

Painting coffee is a really art. Do you nknow it? It takes 40 coffee beans to make an espresso.

Part of the festival is a latte art competition. Everyone can try it. Competitors turn the wheel with latte motifs. It’s no fun because you have a time limit. Your shape is even re-measured. It’s about millimeters. It is, however, a pleasure to watch the whole show in the open Australian sky.

Of course, part of the festival is tasting coffee. You can see the painting by coffee too. I saw it the first time there. I saw very interesting pictures. Sometimes I wanted to take the brush in my hand.

Mexicans sometime add chocolate and chilli. Do you know know why I call my blog Chilli and Chocolate?

Don´t forget to miss Ethiopian coffee! Coffee experts know that coffee has been discovered in Ethiopia.

It is unbelievable that I discovered new and extremely interesting world. My blog is focused on an active lifestyle. And you’re wondering if coffee belongs to this world. I say yes. You must not overdo it. I tasted a lot of coffee in Australia. I say only for study reasons. That time when I was able to drink 6 cups a day is gone. I sit stressful at work. Now I’m more enjoying my cup of coffee. And I advise you to do the same! Enjoy good coffee!

Have you ever think that people who drink the same kind of coffee have common specific habits? I do, so I found them for you.


The black coffee drinker – straightforward, likes to keep things simple, quiet, but moody, all about minimalism

The espresso drinker – takes on leadership, hardworking, but moody, knows how to get what they want

The latte drinker – tends to be neurotic, likes to please people, often indecisive

The cappuccino drinker – obsessive and controlling, creative, honest, and motivated, makes excellent friends, but gets bored with unimaginative people

The instant coffee drinker – cheerful an optimistic, laid-back, tends to put things off

Well, which kind od coffee do you like?


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