I am…

Sylva – a dreamer, an active woman who believes that everything is possible.

I am a great devotee of “Active Lifestyle“. It’s my personal life philosophy. It is a mantra that gives me energy and my driving force behind all that I do.

These two symbols represent my life. They can also represent my old and new self. Food has always played a big role in my life. That’s why I decided to name my blog according to the two foods that played a big role in my life. My first period of my life could be represented by chocolate and the second healthier period could be represented by chili. Without one of them, I would not be me.

My story…

In 1994 – my first trip across the border from the Czech Republic to the abroad. I traveled with a travel agency to London, England. It was a wonderful feeling for me because I could finally walk through places I had just read and dreamed about. Then, as a young girl, my world lay at my feet. It was at this time that I realized that I don´t simply enjoy traveling with a group of tourists. I totally stop travel with the travel agencies and organized trips by myself. I like to plan everything by myself. I have chosen as a more funny way to start exploring the world on my own. And since then, I’ve loved to plan adventurous ways.

Remember that what others think about you is their thing. It is not your business.

I visited England eight years later as an Au-Pair. I was so nervous.  I remember it as now.  In London, I arrived by bus from the Student Agency with a big trunk and waited at the station for my host family. And sat on a torch in the car!! At that time, the completely different world started to open in front of me. It was very different in that I had to take care of myself in a foreign country. One thing is to travel as a tourist, and another thing is to live in a foreign country. Now I am very grateful for this opportunity. Since then, I have got to know 33 other countries and traveling has become my passion. I fully fell in love with Asian countries.

When I was much older, I had the chance to play again the role of a student and travel to Australia. It was another experience. As older, you perceive certain things quite differently than when you are 18. Packing a bag is the easiest part of the new adventure, but much more needs to be done for a happy life abroad.

What amuses me all about? That I take my way as a kind of self-education. I collected a lot of friends, but also a lot of inspiration, new recipes and motivation. So it would be a shame not to share it with anyone.

And what’s my active life?

I like to try healthy recipes, traveling, writing, dancing, practicing yoga, running, reading or looking at biographical stories. I love traveling. I learned not to believe everything that is written and tells about the world, but rather to find my own truth. It all inspires me. When we experience something that brings us joy and fulfillment. We usually need to share our great experience with others. That’s why I started writing this inspirational blog.

Do not forget that you are the only person to stay with you until the end of your life.

Active life for me is not only healthy eating and moving, but also the desire to travel and discover new places. On the road, I’m mostly very active. I realize that traveling gives me great freedom. I like to meet new people, listen to new stories and opinions, and learn from them. I’m learning not only about others but also about myself. For a long time, I have lived in England and Australia. I have found a lot of inspiration on my journey and I would like to share it with you here.

I am a normal woman who understands that it is nothing more complicated and easier than to command an active lifestyle as a philosophy of life. It sounds like an advertising flyer, but it is. I’ve devised my own philosophy, which I now want to introduce to you on my blog. I call it “Active Lifestyle“, which I will gradually introduce you in my articles.

Thank you for following me!