Discover with me the world as you don’t know it. I love airports! You may recall the opening scene from the film A Novel for Women, when Zuzana Konócz introduces her mother Simona Stašová: “My mother loved airports. As soon as she enters the airport hall, she starts thinking in English, but with a Czech passport.” That’s exactly me. :-))

It’s unbelievable, but it’s been so many years since I first went to London on my own at the age of 17. Of course, before that, I travelled with my parents when I was a kid. But I consider my first independent trip to be when I went to England alone without my family. At that time it was not very common for children that old to travel alone. For me, it was a totally amazing adventure. I was able to walk alone in places I had only read about and dreamed about before. I still remember that trip very fondly.

And I’ve loved travelling ever since. But I have conceived my travels a little differently. On my own! Without a travel agency. I think that people who travel with a travel agency are a bit afraid. I think they’re scared of the journey into the unknown. They’re afraid of losing their comfort. And I think there’s no need to be afraid. Personally, I think a lot of the countries that the media presents to us as dangerous are actually not that dangerous. I have encountered a very different reality on several occasions. I have learned to read travelogues, blogs or discussions on the internet and find out information from real people who have visited the country.


I would be happy if you would discover the desire to travel that I have as well. They were not afraid to travel alone. I’m not talking about vacations where you just lie on the beach and are bored out of your mind. Anyone can do that. I love sightseeing vacations. Because the world is the most vast and beautiful encyclopedia of learning. I’ve learned so much on my date with the world. Travel encourages me to be curious, to enjoy learning, to love myself, to tolerate other people, to learn about the differences between cultures and to love nature.

I think most of us have the desire to explore new places, but are just tied down by everyday responsibilities, family, finances and worries. Maybe you’re afraid to step out of your comfort zone. It’s quite fashionable to put it that way now. I’m convinced that if you step out of your comfort zone, a world will open up that you had no idea existed. It’s worth taking risks, doing crazy things. Believe that a world will open up to you that you wouldn’t have known the lazy, safe way.

I’m not exactly brimming with confidence, but what I do know for sure is that I’m adventurous and can be very brave. I’m not afraid to speak my mind out loud, even though I know everyone won’t like it. I have learned to follow my dreams! Especially travel dreams!


It is said that to discover ourselves, we must first lose ourselves. And believe me, I lose myself quite often. 🙂 Anywhere, anywhere. I’m always a little scared when I go somewhere unknown. But I’ve also discovered a lot of courage in myself that I don’t normally feel much. It may sound like a cliché, but it’s true. If you’re traveling somewhere alone, you’ll find that the hardest part can be coming to terms with yourself. Life has taught me that while it’s fine to trust people, again, don’t overdo it. The absolutely shocking realization I’ve come to during my life is that I really don’t need much to live and that I can fit everything in one backpack. It took me many years to realize that I really didn’t need a 20 kg suitcase.


On my travels I started taking photos, meditating and writing. Did you know you can meditate while walking? 🙂 I discovered talents in myself that I had long forgotten or didn’t know about. I found confidence in myself and in my abilities.

Every time I go somewhere, I keep a little travel diary. Most of the time I don’t have much time on the road, because I try to see a lot of things. But I always find a little time to write. I write down the most important details. I’ve appreciated it so many times when I couldn’t remember things.


People who don’t travel much, or go on a few short vacations a year, have a very distorted view of the world, and easily become stuck in the belief that the world is a hostile place. That people are evil and only after money. Sometimes that’s true, but not entirely. I found that whenever I needed help, I found kind people who would do whatever they could to help me. They opened their hearts to me and I will never forget that.

I like solitude. However, I have met many incredibly interesting people from all over the world on my travels. I love the clash of cultures. I love learning about foreign cultures and customs. I think it teaches you to get along with people and be tolerant.

I don’t know what it is, but it seems to me that people smile more in the world than in the Czech Republic. Asian countries are said to be countries of smiles. And it’s true. They radiate positive energy. It always gives me a real charge. It’s just a pity that this inner feeling of mine is totally eroded as soon as I land at the airport in Prague. 🙂


I’ve been proven to find the best food on the street. At least in Asia, it’s great. Not only is it much cheaper, but it’s also much tastier. The restaurants usually try to modify the food for our European palates. A lot of countries don’t even have menus in English. I’ve tasted things I didn’t even want to taste. And some of it was delicious.

I usually bring spices, kitchen stuff, small statues, postcards and various cosmetic gadgets from the country. But if I had the last of my money and had to decide between visiting a museum and buying a beautiful scarf, I would go to the museum. I’ve learned to save money. But what I don’t skimp on is the experience.

As my dad says, “Experiences are the one thing no one can take away from you.” I’ve followed that advice all my life.

Do you like to travel like me? What has traveling taught you? Feel free to write to me in the comments. I’d love to be inspired.