I’m an enthusiastic admirer of Italy. You will definitely have a lot to discover while exploring this vibrant country.What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Italy? I think of pizza, spaghetti, good wine and of course the lively, exciting and warm-hearted locals that everyone will love, just like the whole of Italy. I’ll be coming here all my life, and yet I’ll never be bored. Every corner of the country is different. Cars outnumber scooters on the roads here. Traffic lights lose their meaning completely. I mean, how many Italian cities can you name? I bet you the most of any country in Europe. 🙂 For me, Italy will always be associated with the phrase “dolce far niente” or “sweet doing nothing”.


Sicily gets under your skin. It’s highly addictive and now I know that one visit will never be enough for you, as it was for me. I guarantee it! The island has always been an important strategic point and has been successively inhabited by various conquerors such as the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, French and Spanish. In addition to the famous monuments from the times of the Greeks and Romans or the amazing buildings of the later Baroque period, Sicily offers a beautiful landscape. And the sea is turquoise blue!